About Anine

“When the beautiful mind of an artist meets the innovative drive of a designer, magic happens” - Anine


As both an artist jeweller & luxury designer I aspire to create pieces which mirror both my love of the beautiful and precious as well as my perfectionist nature, where only the best will do. In this sense, many of my pieces start off as miniature paper sculptures, working its way through a unique design process of hand folding and functional thinking and emerging as an unusual, yet wearable piece of metal jewellery. In some cases, new designs spark form improvisation and play, the tools I use to overcome creative challenges.

The true inspiration behind my work are the women who exude personal style with unapologetic confidence. May it be an iconic feminine silhouette on the red carpet or simply a classic lady lounging at a sidewalk café. Both are beautifully bespoke in their own way - hence my decision to name each and every jewellery piece I create after one of them.

Before launching anine, my creative path took a few wide and unusual turns, eventually leading me back to my first love of jewellery. After graduating from Stellenbosch University with a BA Visual Arts Degree in Creative Jewellery Design and Metal Techniques, I was accepted to complete a Richemont scholarship in Milan the following year. My time in Italy taught me how to push my creative potential to the next level, heightening my awareness of luxury design and what it really meant to build a bespoke brand. Upon being awarded a Master of Arts in Luxury Design at the Creative Academy, I couldn't wait to return to my home country of South Africa and implement my newfound skills.

The thought of starting my own jewellery line was definitely an exciting prospect. Yet, the artist in me was brimming with too many ideas and expectations that soon I found myself feeling discouraged by the slow progress of building an actual business. Opportunities came my way and I was happy to take on every new challenge. I poured out my soul and pushed myself until I excelled at each chosen career path. Still the hunger for creating beautiful objects & inspiring others remained. At last I reached a point where I simply could not ignore my true calling any longer and had to make a radical mental shift in order to return to my original happy place. Hence anine was reborn - bigger, bolder and more determined to make it big than ever before.


I have not looked back since and feel truly privileged to be able to live my creative dream each waking day.



Always with love, Anine