Take Care

Dear Jewellery Lover,

We take the utmost pride in providing beautiful, handmade jewellery to our clients. Every single piece undergoes a strict quality check and is carefully packaged before being shipped to your door. On that note, we also expect each lucky receiver to take care of their precious anine jewellery. Kindly see care instructions below:


Silver (tarnish-resistant) 

If you have selected a silver piece from our collection, know that it has been made in a special tarnish-resistant silver. All our wire-frame designs are created using this metal as it offers superb durability and the added benefit of low maintenance care. Unlike general sterling silver, tarnish-resistant silver retains its bright metal hue and will not turn black over time. Kindly refer to General Care for additional tips in making sure your jewellery stays in tip-top condition.


Fine Silver

If you have chosen a fine silver piece, consider yourself the owner of a delicate yet wearable artwork. Fine silver, also known as Pure silver, does not contain any additional alloys such as copper and will therefore remain beautifully silver for all of its days. Along with the perk of staying pretty it also means that this metal is far softer than tarnish-resistant/sterling silver, which makes it the natural choice for creating hand folded, voluminous shapes. Due to its added fragility however, you should remember to always keep your piece safely & separately stored whenever it's not worn. Think of it as an origami paper swan - It has to be handled with the utmost care to protect it from any external pressure. This is a crucial care point to keep in mind as negligence may easily lead to your piece being badly distorted. For additional tips kindly refer to General Care.


9ct Gold/Rose Gold plated

If you have opted for a plated piece, it simply means that your jewellery has been coated by a thin layer of either Rose Gold or 9ct Gold. This is an add-on feature after being manufactured in silver, so rest assured it's still precious metal underneath. Simply remember to keep your jewellery away from greasy fingers & avoid extensive cosmetic and liquid exposure as far as possible. Proper care will further expand the lifetime of your jewellery's precious golden hue. Avoid cleaning your piece with a silver polish cloth as this method is far too abrasive for plated items and will remove the gold/rose gold coating from your jewellery. Kindly see General Care below for additional tips.


Sterling Silver

In order to enhance the durability & all-over quality of your chosen piece, we have selectively implemented sterling silver into our production. Due to the heightened metal hardness it holds, all functional elements such as butterflies, ear posts & hooks have been manufactured in sterling. For cleaning tips, kindly follow the General Care instructions below.


General Care

  • Jewellery Cleaning Dip works like a charm if you need to brighten your piece's look.
  • Alternatively you may use a baby toothbrush & sunlight liquid foam, followed by a lukewarm water rinse and soft drying cloth.
  • If your piece has a polished texture and is made of pure silver or non-tarnish silver (not plated), a silver polishing cloth may also be used.
  • Professional cleaning & re-plating can be completed upon request. Kindly note that an extra fee may be applicable.


Lost or broken jewellery

If you take the necessary care your jewellery deserves, it should remain a joy to wear and retain a relatively low maintenance throughout. Unfortunately we cannot take any responsibility for jewellery broken due to its wearer's neglect. We will however be happy to repair the piece if due to a manufacturing fault such as a solder seam that has come undone.

Admittedly even perfectionists, such as Anine, make mistakes from time to time so please send your query or request per e-mail to letters@anine.co.za and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Surely most of us has also lost that one favourite stud or drop. As earrings are our trademark we are just as committed in keeping you happy in this regard and will happily replace your lost love at a special rate.